Comfortable ancient shapes and modern spirit, traditions and modern styles and classics — this is what Ryazan is, ancient, but always young city.

The heart of Russia is Ryazan: a quiet province with capital style of life. Years ago Ryazan had argues with Moscow, and its princes, heroes, Allocated with great gift of love of the woman, have left a considerable trace in Russian history. And even nowadays our citizens are skillful and brave soldiers, and our girls are considered to be the most beautiful ones in Russia.

Walking around the green streets of the city, it's easy to feel the spirit of the past.

Old merchant's mezzanines head over to high monument — this is a plenty of different architectural styles, which have made a good print in the city of Ryazan. Sometimes it's hard to highlight the modern buildings among the old ones. Trading centers and mals are situated to highlight and shade the old city beauty.

Ryazan is a music city. The music which has fallen asleep in stone age , still sounds here; hidden music of Esenin's verses soars over the Ryazan open spaces: Ryazan — a city of wide festivals with daring Russian songs. But be not surprised, if will meet here a poster with a name of the world superstar or the cult executor, public of both capitals for a long time dreams of a meeting with which. Far behind the limits Ryazan is famous for the informal projects and concert platforms. This city cannot be surprised with jazz and with festivals with participation of loud names. Numerous art cafes of the most different direction compete among themselves of the invited stars and originality of conditions. In this respect provincial Ryazan will not strike in a dirt the person and in front of arrogant Moscow.

Even Ryazan Kremlin (which architecture seems to be typical for ancient cities) is able to wonder with its mixure and harmony of styles. The old quay will make your remember the old times, especially for thos who are in love with old Europe. Russian spirit blows from gold maple avenues and white-trunked birches in the shadow of gold domes there, where the most Russian poet Esenin spreads his hands to hug heavens.

If you don't have much time to see the whole city, you can still be impressed stalying at "Jeneva". European style of the hotel confirms to the old Ryazan spirit — eclectic to its variety. 2 steps ago you'll find trading mals with modern butiques and "Arbat" of Ryazan — Pochtovaya street (the so called "Podbelka") with plenty of shops, night clubs, entertainment centers, comfortable cafes, expensive restaurants and street musicians.

Being located downtown (if Ryazan is the heart of Russia, then "Jeneva" is the heart of Ryazan) even for the most busy person it will give a chance to change the flow and feel charm with different legends and the spirit of the old and modern city.

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